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Invitation to SPMUN’21, Model United Nations

This year’s SPMUN will take place virtually between the 14th and the 15th of June with the theme of “Alleviating the effects of the pandemic”.

Distinguished teachers and esteemed students,

It is my honor and utmost pleasure to announce that the applications for the 5th annual session of Sainte Pulchérie Model United nations are now open.


SPMUN has witnessed a plethora of decision-making processes amidst precarious realities through years. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent crises have revealed the unforeseen rise of global inequality, inadequacies within health systems, urgency of climate change, and much more. Therefore, we were obliged to organize an online conference, yet we decided upon the theme according to the current situation.


SPMUN is a lucid simulation of the United Nations and thus will offer four English committees: the Security Council (SC), the Special Conference on Health (SPC), the Economical and Social Council (ECOSOC) along with the Environmental Committee. The agenda items -the issues at hand upon which debates will take place- of the committees are written below:


Security Council (SC)


“Minimizing the effects of Palistinian-Israeli conflict under COVID-19 conditions.”


Special Conference on Health (SPC)


“Addressing the issue of vaccine nationalism”


Economical and Social Council (ECOSOC)


“The issue of managing global supply chains during COVID-19”


Environmental Committee 


“Implementing a Global Green New Deal in the wake of COVID-19”


If you are fond of debating and researching, you must participate in SPMUN’21 as it will furnish your knowledge of politics and international crises whilst helping you propound novel aspects in regard to diplomacy. Furthermore, you ought to participate in SPMUN’21 if you want to be considered to join the English MUN Club next year. Your performance as a delegate will undoubtedly help us decide whether or not you are suitable for the club. Every participating student will receive a certificate at the end of the conference which will enlarge their résumé, though joining the English MUN Club would embellish it drastically. In addition, keep in mind that Model UN conferences improve your level of formal English as they offer several hours of debating.


If you want to participate in SPMUN’21, you must fill out this form until the 4th of June.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail us spmun@sp.k12.tr

Follow us on Instagram @spmun2021 and visit our website SPMUN’21


I am hoping to see you all at the conference!

Best regards,


Öykü Özsüt

Secretary General of SPMUN’21