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Saint Pulcherie Grade 11 students took the TOEFL IBT Practice Test that organised by TOEFL Club...

This article is written by a student :

« Today,our English teacher,Mrs Topak took us to take a preparation test of Toefl. Even if it was just a sample of the real test, most of us were really excited because we are all willing to take the real test too. During the test which took us one class hour to complete, we acknowledged the difficulties of questions, the mistakes we made and we realized the techniques that we should use such as paraphrasing, scanning, key words etc.. Moreover we recognized how to balance our time. Therefore, I believe that the test was a real useful experience for all of us,furthermore it helped us to make predictions about how the real exam could be. All in all I would like to thank the English teachers and TOEFL Club who introduced us with this test. »

L11B, Ece Su SOY

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