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Üsküdar American Academy MUN (TIMUN) Conference

Our students actively participated to the 22nd TIMUN Conference, which is known to be the first Model United Nations Conference of Turkey. You can find the experiences of our students in this article.

“For the second time in a row my committee was the Special Conference at TIMUN. What makes this committee “special” is our liberty. We are not directly linked to the GA committees, we manage, write and debate the resolutions right within our committee without having to rely on any other governmental body managing funds, restrictions etc. Resolutions were written on the first day of lobbying. Due to our overwhelming enthusiasm, 20 resolutions went to the Approval Panel. After 12 were approved our debates could start on the second day. With amendments and speeches, there was never a dull moment. The Special Committee never ceases to amaze me with its originality of ideas and the openness to change. Constantly questioning our policies and boundaries, trying to improve upon suggested solutions was challenging and exhilarating at the same time. I leave TIMUN with new memories and a hope for the future of our world and I can’t wait to go back next year.”
Idil Kutlu 10D

“TIMUN was my third conference. It was different from my previous experiences because this time, I wasn’t going to participate as a delegate but as an expert at Advisory Panel. This panel which requires more experienced students was more difficult than the other committees but much more fun. After the opening speeches, which were given in the first day of the conference and which wished to have a fruitful conference, the conference started with all its speed. As the experts, we wrote resolutions to solve problems that people have in the Lower Niger Basin and then, those resolutions were debated in the panel. After the four days of work, we sent the debated resolutions to the Security Council. After the Security Council’s delegates debated our resolutions, our work was approved by the council as well. So, we had the result of our hard work at the end of the conference. TIMUN has been a great experience for me and I wish to be a part of this conference next year as well.”
Zeynep Aksoy 10C

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