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Kabataş High School MUN Conference

10 members of our English MUN club participated to Kabataş MUN Conference. It was an unmatchable opportunity for both our experienced students and first-timers in terms of fruitful negotiation and discussion.

Our students telling their Kabataş MUN experiences :

« First of all, I have to say that I felt very lucky and happy for attending the first Kabataş MUN conference. During the opening ceremony, it was obvious that the Kabataş MUN society worked really hard for their first conference to be successful. We had a lot of speakers to talk about our theme « Finding A Route In Unbalanced World. » The speeches, which showed us the importance of some serious situations around the world, were inspiring. Next day, we went to our committees to start lobbying.My committee was Human Rights and I saw that all the delegates were ready for these 3 busy days. During the lobbying, the delegate of Greece convinced me to be her co-submitter. I was thrilled because I thought that the best resolution was hers and the topic (Tackling the issue of totalitarianism in Eritrea) was really interesting too. So we had some really successful sessions and those two out of seven resolutions passed. And our resolution had the chance to be discussed in the General Assembly. As being the co-submitter, I made a speech to invite all the
delegates to vote in favor of our resolution. But unfortunately the delegate of Eritrea was against to our resolution. Although it was really good, it failed because of that. Anyway at the closing ceremony, everyone was so emotional (even I was) because this was the end of this conference. After the closure, I went to hug my deputy chair for helping me so much and being such a sweet chair. I would like to thank our advisors for letting us attend this unforgettable conference. »
Lâl Kızıltaş 10-B

« This was my first MUN conference. At the beginning I was really stressed and anxious because the English used in MUN was so formal and difficult to understand. And also I had thought that it would be very difficult to make a speech in front of the delegates. When I learnt that I would be representing France, I was totally motivated. And when the sessions started in Kabataş High School I saw that everyone was like me, anxious and surprised as well. So during the sessions I tried to do my best to understand the resolution papers. And finally I overcame my fear of public speaking. Furthermore, I met a lot of new people. They were very sympathetic and outgoing. On the other hand, I admired some delegates’ British accent. If I had that accent, I would never be silent !!! 🙂 For the next academic year it is totally clear and definite that I’ll choose MUN as a social club. »
Onur Alptekin 9-C

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