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Robert College MUN Conference (RCIMUN)

After a fruitful conference in Robert College...

« Writing about RCIMUN 2013 isn’t easy for me, because it was the last conference which I attended as a delegate of my MUN career which plays an important role in my life. That’s why it was so special to receive the Best Delegate Award in my committee. RCIMUN is a well organized, professional and infact one of the most important conferences in the world. This year, the number of the guests was more than ever. Schools attending from Turkey were less than the schools attending from other countries.

We were all very excited in our first day in the big campus of Robert College. After we toured the campus with our advisors, everyone met in the theater for the Opening Ceremony. It was enjoyable walking towards to the place that was reserved for Burkina Faso, the country we were representing. After the ceremony, we went home to rest and prepare for the next day.

Wednesday, committees of the General Assembly were together at the theater and Ambassadors gave their speeches. After a very quick coffee break, every delegation was accepted to be at their committees. When the Approval Panel was open, we started lobbying and by the end of the day, resolutions were approved by the Approval Panel and were ready to be debated.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we debated on the resolutions and we decided the ones which were going to be presented at the General Assembly. Saturday, resolutions from Human Rights, Environment, Disarmament and Political Commissions were debated and voted at the four-and-a-half-hour-long-General Assembly. RCIMUN was again a wonderful conference experience for us.

RCIMUN is a conference which every young MUNer should attend. I am very happy that I got the chance this year as well. I wish all the best for the new delegates of our school’s MUN club. Enjoy it. »

Sude Kaçar
Ambassador of Burkina Faso
Human Rights Committe

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