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Darüşşafaka MUN Conference

4th DSMUN (Darüşşafaka Model United Nations) was held between 13-16 October 2016. Our students are telling their MUN experience...

« Day 1

It was the first conference of the year for us so we were very excited. Before we went to Akatlar Kültür Merkezi ( where opening ceremony took place) we met up with the other delegates and we had a very nice trip together. In the conference hall, we listened to several speeches about the UN (United Nations) made by important and experienced people. Their speeches were very beneficial ; we soaked up as much information about the procedure as we could. It was very crowded and that made everything more exciting. We met all the other delegates from other schools and they were all very friendly. We felt completely ready for the conference.

Day 2

We spent our second day reading resolutions and helping the first timers. There were three topics yet many resolutions. Most of them were very well written, we were amazed by the knowledge and the intelligence of the students. In fact, they had found many different strategies that we felt hope for the future of our country. We helped some of them complete their resolutions and we made many friends doing so. This session is called “lobbying” ; the session during which delegates submit the resolution of another delegate to discuss it later on. Resolutions with at least 16 co-submitters are discussed by the committee. With the moral of the country the delegates represented, there was a very polarised environment. For some it was the most fun day because lobbying is a great time to make friends ! Coffee breaks were unexpectedly good, since they served many kinds of cookies and coffee ! Even after our second day, we knew that this conference would be one of the bests.

Day 3

The third day was an intense day. Since everyone had met each other they felt comfortable while debating. It was sort of realistic in many ways because everyone understood the topic and the policies of their countries. The debates were fruitful ; there were even fights between certain delegates ! When it was time to give amendments, the delegate of Malaysia came up with many creative yet merciless ideas ; all the delegates started fighting as if the world war three had begun. An amendment is given by the delegates to either change or strike out a clause from the resolution submitted by a country to solve a problem using their ways. It would make sense to say that the sessions on this day were pretty realistic considering most of the well known countries such as the US, Russia, China, France, India, UAE were distinct with their participation.

Day 4

It was the last day of the conference and we had a lot to discuss about. Everyone got really caught up especially during the session in which we talked about the refugee problem that many countries are currently going through. Things got very intense when Russia submitted its resolution which led to chaos between Russia, UAE, USA and China. It looked like there was a fight going on but actually all the delegates were having a lot of fun. We all drank a lot of coffee and laughed about how we had almost started a war between countries. Everyone was very kind and funny. The fact that it was the last day of the conference made us feel very sentimental. After lunch we left for the closing ceremony where all the chairs and the president of general assembly talked about their past experiences and how they organized this MUN conference. Some got very emotional while some remained pretty calm. So we said our last goodbyes and left. We all hope to meet again in another prestigious MUN conference. »

Özgü BİLER 11C – Gülen BAYRAKTAR 11D

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