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After another IELTS exam in Sainte Pulcherie….

On the 11th May 2019, the 6th IELTS exam has been successfully completed at our school. 57 students participated and 41 of them have achieved outstanding success and 100% have succeeded in the exam. Conratulations !

I got to know about the IELTS test thanks to Sainte Pulchérie. My school informed my friends and I about the exam and encouraged us to take the test, which I knew would be very helpful for my later studies. I took the IELTS test on May 11th, 2019 at school and left the exam hall with complicated feelings about my performance during the test. I was not feeling bad about it, but I didn’t feel like I did great either, possibly because it didn’t feel like an exam to me but more like a bunch of exercises to practice my English. I guess I owe that to Sainte Pulchérie. Their help was big on my preparation to this exam. First of all we had a considerable number of exercises during class, especially reading exercises or listening exercises that helped me learn new vocabulary words and see how the exam system works. Other than that, we had writing assignments to complete every weekend, which clearly helped me improve my writing skills, though I still scored the lowest in this field. When it comes to speaking, aside from the practices we did during class, I really recommend making international friends and sharing a lot with them, not only academically but also socially. I think that improving myself socially was what helped me the most during my speaking exam. In the end, hard work paid off and I scored 8/9 in the IELTS test, which I am really happy about !
Selin Çolak 11-D

Ielts is an exam that can determine your English level and at our school, each year, 11th graders have the chance to take the exam at school. The exam consists of 4 different parts : reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each part is marked out of 9 and the overall score is the average of the results of the 4 parts. Usually, the most difficult part of the exam is considered to be the writing part which is divided into 2 sections : one of which is data analysis and the other one is essay writing. Even though Ielts may seem difficult at first, thanks to our English lessons, we learned how to advance our language skills with assignments and classwork. The most important benefit that Ielts has is that you can send your results with your applications to universities abroad to get accepted.
Dilay Tetik 11-A

IELTS is an important exam for universities both in Turkey and abroad. In order to get in a university generally you need to get 6.5/9. At school we get prepared for this exam each English lesson. Every week we have a writing homework because to get a high writing point in IELTS you should know the rules and write according to a plan. Our writings get controlled by teachers and their comments are very important. The more you write, the more you get comfortable and better at it. We do both listening and reading exercises in class. For speaking, during a lunch break you talk face to face with a teacher and get asked questions that you might come across during this exam.
Damla Yıldız 11-B

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