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Every year internationally organized TIMUN conference realized its 25th anniversary this year. Our student tells about his impressions on TIMUN...

« TIMUN is one of the most respected MUN conferences in Turkey that is hosted by Üsküdar American Academy. The host really cares about all the small details that make a difference and all officials do their job with respect and caring. This year I participated to TIMUN for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect and in what level this conference would be. I can say that it exceeded my expectations. I adored the seriousness of all participants and their will to make a difference in their lives and all others by sharing and improving ideas, hence, as far as the conference continued, my joy grew. I’ve learned a lot and the conference has changed my perspective about MUN in general. I’ve got to know a lot of good friends and met with tons of foreign people. I believe that TIMUN, being an international conference, adds a whole another meaning, because you get to come across with ideas that grow out of another culture. And I would like to state that it was a great pleasure to see resolutions being passed by delegations in the general assembly at the end of the conference. To finish, I suggest everyone who is curious about foreign affairs and UN to participate any MUN conference but especially TIMUN to be able to have an idea of how the world is being ruled. I am looking forward to participating to TIMUN19 and to improve my abilities to present my arguments and to write better resolutions. »
Eren – 10 D

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