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The 6th edition of the United Nations modeling of our high school took place with a record participation of 250 students.

The 6th edition of the United Nations modeling of our high school took place with a record participation of 250 students.

MUN conferences embody the essence of international cooperation, fostering a dynamic platform where students from diverse backgrounds come together to engage in fruitful debates, cultivate critical thinking skills, and explore innovative solutions to pressing global issues.

This year the theme of the conference was Crossing Borders: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of a Globalized World.

At the opening ceremony, we had the honor of welcoming the Consul General of France in Istanbul, Mr. Olivier Gauvin, the cooperation attaché Mr. Martin Godon, Prof. Dr. Gülhanım Ünsal from Marmara University and Mr. Quentin Tayfun Levet, expert in humanitarian aid. We thank them for their valuable contribution.

Then, for two days, the 250 students broke into committees in this simulated United Nations environment, debating the intricacies of international relations. Our organizing team encouraged participants to think beyond borders and explore multiple perspectives.

At the end of the two days of debates, the participants took part in the General Assembly where they presented the work of the committees. The resolutions, directives and verdict are available on the conference website.

At the closing ceremony, a highlight where the responsible students make their speeches and announce the best delegates, we were able to applaud the participants who showed excellent participation:

Security Council – Kağan (China)
Human Rights Council –
Historical Committee – Selen, Çağan
Conseil de sécurité –
Comité de crise –
Comité historique –
Cour Internationale de Justice – Vanessa (Advocate) et Selin (Judge)

The MUN experience enables students to become ambassadors of change, develop the skills necessary for effective diplomacy, and foster an understanding of the complexities of global affairs.

At the closing ceremony, the organizing team testified to the contribution of the experience to their training and personality, and their speeches moved the audience.

A big congratulations to the whole team: Batuhan, Mert Kaan, Alisa, Ceylin, Gözde, Gülin and Selim, for organizing the conference, with the cooperation of Ayda, Ege, Berke, Beren, İklim and Çağan. Thanks also to the collaboration of Saint Benoît with its press-video team who accompanied us in the adventure. The secret stars of the event are the “Respo Team”.

At the end of the closing ceremony, the participants were able to relax and reflect on the musical language with the intervention of Murat Ertel, invited thanks to the collaboration of the Metropolitan City of Istanbul. We warmly thank the artist and the entire IBB Kültür team for this unforgettable meeting.

Finally, we would like to thank all our sponsors: SHELL, AVAM KAHVESI, GOLF, BELTUR for the snacks as well as AVC AMBALAJ for the printed material!

We would like to thank all school community members, especially Communication service, M. Thomas, M. Arek and the personnel for their cheerful support.

At the next edition of SPMUN, together we will continue to explore a wide range of pressing global issues, addressing them with creativity, compassion and commitment to finding lasting solutions.