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With the honour of achieving IELTS exam 2017

Our students have %100 success in the IELTS exam 2017 and % 80 of the students have achieved the score of 6,5 and above which is one of the determining factors for the acceptance from the abroad universities.

« On 25th of March, we took the IELTS test in our school, arranged by British Council. IELTS is an international language test accepted by Turkish and foreign universities. As 11th graders, we took the Academic Module. This test consists of 4 parts : Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. We took the speaking test on the days of 24 and 27th of March. We started studying at the beginning of the year, we had the time to practice our writing/reading skills, as well as practice tests. Since we studied a lot in our English lessons, I didn’t have any trouble answering the questions. Also, taking the test in our school building reduced our stress level and helped us get relaxed, because we felt more comfortable. »
Elif A.- 11A

« During this academic year, we prepared for IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) in our English lessons and we took it on 25 March 2017. IELTS has an international validity. It is one of the most important conditions to be accepted to universities all around the world and for many Turkish universities it is necessary for skipping the preparation year. IELTS consists of 4 parts : Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing. For each part, the score is from 1-9 and their average is the overall band score. In order to be ready for the test, we learned IELTS tips and strategies, we worked on previous/sample exams and we did practice about Speaking part in class. Some of the students were wishing to get high marks to be accepted to various international universities and others wanted to test their English level with taking an international exam. »
Gülce İ. – 11C

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