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SP MUN is at Timun 2016 !

Every conference chooses to center around a specific theme ; this year TIMUNs theme was sustainability through unity.

« Every conference chooses to center around a specific theme ;this year TIMUNs theme was sustainability through unity. The theme echoes the need for togetherness in today’s times where we have drifted further apart than before. For nations to find a solution to global problems they have to work together, put away their differences aside and value human life before political conflict. That is exactly what TIMUN and MUN in general aims to do. Student do extensive research on their delegations and try to find solutions to specific problems. The important part starts when all the students come together, countries from all around the world with vastly different policies and incredibly complex conflicts with one another, come together and discuss. They don’t stop, we don’t stop, until a sufficient and effective solution has been agreed upon by all delegations in the committee. The process is sometimes tedious but always eye opening. When we put our differences aside, we’re not so different after all and there’s only one way to solve our problems ; sustainability through unity. »
İdil Kutlu, 11B

« We were all so excited to participate in TIMUN, we left our school thursday at 2 pm to participate to the opening ceremony at 4.30 pm. We went to our commitees and met other delegates who were soon to become our close friends. On our second day I made my ambassador speech in GA1 then we were seperated in 3 groupes to do lobbying on child labour, enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and attaining the right to peaceful assembly. We worked on child labour, discussed with other delegates how we can over come the issue which most countries governments turn a blind eye. We decided that it is necessary to take the right actions immediately on short term and on long term since approximately 150 million children are forced to work when they are supposed to be going to school. On the third day, we continued lobbying untill the approval panel was closed and then we debated on our resolutions. We had 2 resolutions for each topic, we debated over these resolutions to make them more efficient and overcome the issues totally. On the forth day we continued to debate on our resolutions untill every resolution was discussed and then we moved on to the closing ceremony. After an enjoyable and productive 3 days the annual session of TIMUN was over. »
Defne Çağlar, 11A

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