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Royal wedding celebration in the school library

The school library, with the cooperation of English teachers and prep pupils organized a special event in order to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. On May 14th, we served Turkish gastronomic specialities and welcomed the pupils to the exhibition of the magazine articles written in English. They participated in fun games and listened to oral presentations. We wish lifelong joy and happiness to Harry and Meghan.

« This monday in our English lesson we did an activity about The Royal Family in the library of our school because of the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Our friends who were volunteers brought foods for us. During the lunch break we met in the library with all of our friends and English and library teachers and we had a great lunch break all together. After the break all the classes went down to library in English lessons to get new information about The Royal Family while we were spending very good times. Before the games and the competitions, two students from each class did a presentation about the family. Some of us had some previous knowledge about it but the presentation of our friends was very helpful for getting information. After the presentation, all together we played the game ‘Kahoot’. The game was about the family but to win this game you had to follow the presentation carefully. After the game, our teachers created some groups for the next game. With our groups we played Tabu with the cards which our teachers prepared for us. We had a lot of fun while playing this game. After all the games, we had lots of knowledge about The Royal family. Lastly we played one more game but this game was helpful to study vocabulary. Our teachers gave some words to us and we tried to find the antonyms of these words. That day while we were playing the games and watching the presentations which we did with our friends and our teachers, we had some important information about The Royal Family and we spent very good time all together. »

« Two weeks ago, we prepared a project on the wedding of Prince Henry and Megan”. On 14th of May, Monday in our last 2 courses the classes C and B went to library to do some activities and do a presentation about Royal Family. One of the activities that we had prepared was Kahoot and while we were playing our Kahoot, we had the chance to learn the family ties between The Royal Family and it was more enjoyable with other classes because in our group there were some of our friends in other classes. Also we played hide and seek with images of crowns so we had the chance to cooperate and have fun with our friends. »

« On Monday, we celebrated the marriage of Prince Henry and Megan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex by refreshing our previous knowledge and learning new things regarding the topic of the English Royal Family. The activities started out by discovering the books about the English Monarchy in the library while wearing masks of the different members of the family. Afterwards we continued with a presentation and games such as a topic related Kahoot and a Taboo. Overall it was really fun and educational. »

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