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Royal Children and Traditions Day

Within the scope of English lessons, our Prep students organized "Royal Children and Traditions Day" to explore the culture of British royal family and celebrate the new member of Royal family (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby) in our school’s library. We share the experiences of our students with their own words...

« 10 April, we organized in our school a “Royal Children and Traditions Day”. Before that event, we got prepared, we made a research about “The Royal Family”. We made a collaboration, some of us brought foods, some of us prepared face masks of Royal Family members, we made some posters that contained rumors about the Royal Family. On Wednesday 10th April, in our library, we played some games about the Royal Family and also we ate traditional foods, especially the ones that Queen Elizabeth loves most. We had a lot of fun. All of the students were invited. »
Doğa İşlek – Elif Kablan Prep B

« Royal Children and Traditions Day was a fun event for everyone ! When we arrived at the library, all the food that we had brought for the event were already on the tables. We chose which food we were going to get to our liking, and it pleased everybody. Meanwhile, there was a game where we were searching for crowns in the library and the winners got sweets such as lollipops and gummy bears. We also played the piano and the ukulele, sang and wore the royal family’s masks. There were presentations about the royal family and The Beatles and we played a Kahoot game. The winners were given sweets. Overall it was an enjoyable experience and we all had much fun. »
Kayra Yıldırmaz Prep A

« On 10 April, Wednesday our school hosted a royal themed party. We helped our teachers to prepare the party. We made masks of the faces of the Royal family, made hats which represented their local hats (they are called Fedoras), we also cooked some food and wrote some fake news ! A nice music was being played, the posters that we had prepared were on the walls. There were many games, for example we had to find the missing crowns in order to earn some candy. There was a great participation of our school, literally there wasn’t any space. »
Melis Şahin Prep B

« After the break, we, the class B and the class A, took our computers and went to the downstairs of the library. First, we watched a presentation on the royal family to remember it and learn a couple of new things. After the presentation, we turned our computers on and entered Kahoot site to play a quiz about the royal family. It took the remaining lesson time. It was not hard or easy, it was possible to do if you listened well to the presentation. The 3 students who scored the highest got lollipops as a reward. »
Levent Akıncı Prep B

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