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IIMUN Conference

5th IIMUN (İTÜ International Model United Nations) was held between 14-16 May 2016. Our student is telling her MUN experience...

“We had a chance to participate this year’s IIMUN’16 conference (ITU International Model United Nations, May 14th-16th, 2016). Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy and the United Nations (UN). Our general aim to participate the MUNs is to develop our methods of debate, be active in social life and most importantly build up teamwork spirit in every part of our lives. In our MUN Club, we’re trying to improve our point of views for separate world matters and also to be able to listen to different opinions without judging. We, youth, is the only hope for a better life and we must improve ourselves to be liable to current events. Therefore we must understand that being involved in world’s issues to find them a solution really contributes to our intellectual development also contributes to the progress in our country. By courtesy of Model UN, we can easily reach an educational experience which shows us a method that is more interesting and enjoyable. Under the guidance of our English teachers, we experienced many different committees and debates which include really difficult situations that made us think of an hopeless case, however we worked hard to find the best solutions for the matters. We are very lucky to have such experiences like MUN. Just in three days of IIMUN, I improved my creativity to produce innovative ideas, and also improved my English. Now, I feel more comfortable participating to conversations and I don’t hesitate to make mistakes while I am talking. I and my three other friends were in Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) and we had three topics to debate on. The first topic was “Combatting the threat of transnational organized crime to international security” ; second one “Discussing the responsibility of governments to protect civilians against excessive force and weapon usage in conflict areas.” And the last topic was “Mitigation of military expenditure without affecting the military balance to the detriment of the nationals security of any country.” During the lobbying session, I and my four friends from committee wrote a resolution about the second topic. We merged our ideas to find efficient solutions. After the lobbying session, we moved on to the debating session. The resolutions which had been written by the other delegates were discussed in our committee. Some of them failed. But only four resolutions had a chance to pass in our committee. One of these resolutions was debated in the General Assembly, in which all member nations had equal representation. It means we discussed the resolutions which had been chosen by the committee. (Only one resolution for each committee). At the end of our day, we were all tired but the feeling of success was worth living in spite of everything. Render thanks to our school and English teachers for being with us from the beginning of our MUN journey.”
Meltem Gürkan – 10B

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