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Haarlem MUN Conference

Sainte Pulchérie English MUN Club participated to HMUN conference which took place in Haarlem, Holland in 5-7 April. Our students tell their experiences...

“HMUN was my first international conference. I was very scared that there was going to be a lot of people who went to a lot of MUN conferences. Because there were a lot of first-timers, I didn’t have any problem with English. I was very glad getting a chance to meet a lot of people from my country and others. My committee was Social, Humanitarian and Cultural. The issues that we talked about were very interesting. On the first day we wrote resolutions and it was very nice debating and sharing our ideas with other delegates. On the second and the third day we had debating time.
We stayed with our host families and my host family was really nice. Staying with them approved my English. They had a very nice house near Haarlem. On my first day we went to the school with bikes and I was very surprised by the roads which my host family described as crowded. I found the roads very quiet compared to my country’s. They showed me around and on my last night we went to a birthday party of one of the relatives of my host family in Amsterdam. I was very happy to get a chance to see Amsterdam.
I thought that it was a very great experience and I think everyone should attend to this MUN conference next year.”
Defne Özsu 9E

“This was my first year in HMUN. As it was also my first MUN abroad, I thought I would encounter some difficulties. However, there were many first timers in our committee so there weren’t any problems with the language. I made some international friends and I assured to contact them often. (That’s also a great way to improve my writing skills in English.) To talk about the conference, I was amazed by the opening ceremony that took part in a historical church. On the following two days of session, we had a productive debating time and added many amendments on the resolution. The issues that were debated on in our committee were social security, micro-finances and career obstacles. Although they seem boring, it’s a fun thing to discuss about real worldwide issues.
When we first came to Haarlem, we met our host families who were delighted to have us stay with them. An interesting thing is that our host family’s dad was a millionaire and they gave us a full floor to spend time in ; let’s say that we were lucky. We had limited time so we wanted to explore the country by visiting the cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam. The most interesting thing that I realized was the architecture, all the houses were old and made of stone. In conclusion, we had a wonderful time during the whole trip and it was the most significant MUN that I’ve participated. I suggest every MUN club member to consider this trip for next year !”
Öykü Özsüt 9E

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