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Darussafaka MUN conference 2018

We have participated to the 5th Darussafaka MUN conference this year. You can read the newcomer MUN students’ experiences below....

« This year I had this amazing opportunity to join Darüşşafaka MUN with my school.It was my first conference experience so I was a bit nervous and stressed out but as I did my ambassador speech on the first day and went on to the rostrum,I realized how fun and encouraging it was.I was pleased with my speech and that made me so motivated for the following days.I think second day added me a lot too,such as I learned how to write a resolution,a clause or a sub clause. It has also prepared me for my next conference but after all,the most productive day was the third day because we got the chance to talk and debate about our ideas.It has also made us learn the proper language of the conference.Besides these, we also made so much friends and memories.I can definitely say that this conference was a big chance for me and my other friends from the club to learn the program of a conference,how to write speeches and how to use language in a committee.I thank all of my teachers for this amazing chance.I can’t wait to attend more conferences. »
Rüya – 9B

« DŞMUN is my first conference. At the beginning, I really didn’t know what to do and I had several questions in my mind. Also I had been chosen as the delegate of the USA so I knew that I was going to be assaulted. During the club hours, Eren and Dide answered all of my questions and everything was then clear for me. So I wasn’t really stressed on the first two days. There were delegates in my committee who were more experienced, they helped me too. I first observed the process. After listening to some speeches and understanding the mechanism, I also started to debate on issues because I represented the USA and I had a big role in my committee. By time, I got used to discussing resolutions and I started to participate a lot that the president chair himself said that I should give space to other members to talk. It was also great that the chairs of my committee (environment) were polite and comprehensive so I did not hesitate at all to ask questions. All in all, it was a great and fun experience for me to express myself in a formal way. » It’s also honored for me to be chosen the most successful delegate. »
Öykü – 9E

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