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After another IELTS exam in Sainte Pulchérie….

The SP IELTS exam, which has been made in our school since 2014 and become traditional, was held on 24th March 2018 this year. 90 % of 11th graders participated to the exam and they wanted to prove that they are good enough in English as well as French. Congratulations !

« My old school was a German school. So naturally, we did not take a very high level education of English. However, after coming to this high school, I realized that I can improve my English here. That is what I did. With the help of our teacher, the preparation of IELTS in our classes was very helpful to me. With the exercices of writing, reading and speaking that we did, we studied a lot… Now, I am eager to see my result. »
Ferhat, 11A

« As the 11th graders, we recently passed the IELTS exam. Since the beginning of the year, we learned about the exam, the stages and how to prepare for it at our English lessons. Each lesson we studied on a different stage of the exam which is constructed from 4 stages ; reading, speaking, writing and listening. We even had a conference given by a IELTS examiner for students who still had some doubts about the exam so that they could ask their questions. Because that the writing task had the possibility to alter we focused more on writing Task 1. We had the chance to have the speaking test before at school, thanks to that we weren’t too tired after the exam. »
Zeynep, 11C

« IELTS exam has four parts including « reading », « writing », « listening » and « speaking ». Each part is evaluated out of nine and it is evaluated out of nine. This exam may be really important for applying to the universities in Europe or Canada. Also, when you want to go to the summer camps, they can ask you an IELTS score. It depends on people, but generally, the most difficult part is seen « writing » by students. We studied really hard on writing from the begining of the first term. There are two parts on writing which are « data analysis » and « essay writing ». Reading section has three texts and some questions which have different difficulty levels. First of all, I didn’t trust myself and I didn’t know how to achieve the exam. As the time passed, my stress decreased through the exercises that we did in the class. Practice is the most important point for me. Your skills and english level have been increasing by doing the trails. There is no need to approach the exam with prejudice of « my english level is not enough ». If you study, you can handle it easily. »
Laden, 11D

« IELTS is a long exam that consists of 4 sections . For me, the hardest section was speaking because coming up with a well thought speech in less than a minute is really difficult.Also you shouldn’t talk too friendly nor too formally.You can’t know whether you did well or bad in writing until the score comes but there are some molds that you must learn for the graph writing.That is why writing is the section that requires the most practice but thankfully our teacher made us write many essays so we were ready when the time came.Listening requires concentration and reading depends on the text .Overall, I believe that everyone can get 6.5 and above with some practice. »
Batuhan, 11D

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