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26th TIMUN Conference in Üsküdar American Academy

Sainte Pulchérie participated with 7 students to the 26th annual TIMUN conference in Üsküdar American Academy. Our students worked a lot for finding out diplomatic ways in debates and resolutions. One of our students tells her experience...

“Hello everyone, my name is Öykü and I participated in the TIMUN conference this November. Since this wasn’t my first international conference, I wasn’t stressed though I was excited to catch up with some friends I had made during the HMUN conference last year. I was the delegate of Azerbaijan in the GA5 committee which is also called : “The Legal Committee”. We debated on extrajudicial executions which our country also experienced last year : the murder of Cemal Kaşıkçı. Another agenda item was the question of returning terrorist groups to their countries of origin so we simply debated on reintegration. Last but not least, we discussed about corruption-based inequality in criminal justice systems which required a lot of research in advance. The committee was surrounded by a mix of tension and fun. TIMUN had the most qualified English level in comparison with all the conferences that I’ve attended. We didn’t waste much time playing icebreakers or writing gossips. Instead, we debated and lobbied after of course reuniting with our international friends. Also I joined the ICJ (International Court of Justice) Workshop where we learned how the most important organ of UN worked. However, one thing I can criticize is the absence of food service. We got hungry while debating and there were no snacks other than cupcakes. All in all, TIMUN was the most productive conference I’ve ever attended since we came up with 10 resolutions. I believe this fact is much more important than the insufficiency of the food service !”

Öykü Özsüt 10 A

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