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Paru le 18 octobre 2017

Darüşşafaka MUN Conference 2017


SPMUN attended to DŞMUN (Darüşşafaka Model United Conference) with 15 students.

You can find their experiences below ;

"This year, DŞMUN was my first conference. At my first conference I was the delegate of France. As it was my first MUN exeperience, it was a varied life exeperience for me. Besides learning how to look with different perspectives to an issue, I learned to make a decision towards my country’s politics. First day we listened to the speeches of the ambassadors. The rest of the conference found resolutions to today’s problems and we debated on them. DŞMUN was an amazing conference. I hope each student who is into today’s problems to become a part of this conference. See you next year at DŞMUN... "
Devin Y. 9A

"What impressed me the most about this MUN conference that I’ve participated for the first time was that I’ve come across different points of view. On the first day, at the Opening Ceromony, I was excited, maybe a little bit nervous. Although, thanks to the other participants who were experienced, I managed to keep up with the whole thing and I had a great day. Then the second day we did “lobbying” which means working on the resolutions. I encountered many new people from the different schools. At the end of the day, due to the extra time we had left, we could pass on to the debates. On the third day, we started discussing about the resolutions and sculpting them according to our countries’ policies. On the last day, after all the resolutions have been decided, we went to « Is Sanat Merkezi » as the GA committee to work on certain resolutions. This has been a conference that I won’t forget throughout my MUN experience."
Alara A. 9D

"This weekend we attended the DSMUN conference in Darüşşafaka Schools. This was my 2nd time in this conference and both times were lovely. I was in the Disarmament committee with 2 other students from our school. In this committee we talked about problems connected to the increasing militarisation in certain parts of the world. In the first day we did lobbying and helped each other, wrote resolutions and in the following days we debated upon the resolutions that were submitted. In the last day if you’re in the “GA” committees you go to the “Iş Sanat Kültür Merkezi” where all GA committees gathered around and voted upon the best resolutions. Our committees’ resolutions passed and we all were really happy. It was my 6th conference and I can easily say that this was my best conference so far all the delegates in my committee and my chairs were lovely people and I had such a great time."

Hakan U. 11C


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